Posted on by Mark Huskinson

My son Richard and his family are seriously into music. Richard had a rock band in the 80/90's called Wasted Moose (why we are all deaf). My model, Maggie, has given up burlesque and now runs marathons and beats drums - so I have gone into music.

The Entertainers - a work in progress

The first painting nearly finished in ink and acrylic is titled 'L'Aria de sa Pouche' and the next canvas is 'Come Hear Our Music Play', the 3rd just started is named 'The Entertainers' (cabaret burlesque). I am getting enormous pleasure out of this work particularly as it involves some real beauties in action (dancing).

It also suits me to have again 3 or 4 canvases on the go at the same time – I find one helps another – they build up together. Other canvases on the go are 'The Gardener' and 'To Run a Marathon'.

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