Mark Huskinson

(1935 - 2018)


Mark HUskinson in his studio


“They all go back to the beginning, a misspent youth and half a life-time watching my friends. At least that’s my reply when asked where I get my ideas from. You may wonder if I have any friends left” - Mark

Mark Huskinson was born at Langar Hall, Nottinghamshire in 1935 from a long line of artists, soldiers and adventurers. He was educated at Ampleforth College where the art room and cricket pitch took preference to academic studies.

After winning the school art prize he went on to study at Edinburgh College of Art where, being one of those who were always willing to learn but reluctant to be taught, his stay was brief. Mark started his career on a sheep station in New Zealand, followed by a career in agriculture and engineering until twenty years later, in 1976, he returned to his easel.

Initially, Mark specialised in portraiture and sculpture. After having great success with half a dozen horse racing cartoons at an exhibition, he started painting cartoons of hunting, shooting, fishing, equestrian, polo, cricket, golf and other sporting pursuits. Most of Mark's work depicted his distinctive sense of humour and time spent on sporting and playing fields around the world.

Between 1980 and 2007 Mark had a number of one-man shows and exhibitions in England and America. He also exhibited at the premier equestrian related events in England during the summertime.

The Duke of Bedford holds the largest private collection of his originals, many of which adorn the loos of Woburn Abbey, and a few of Mark's line drawings have found their way into royal collections. It can be said that what Michelangelo did for the Sistine Chapel, Mark Huskinson has done for the 'Loos of Britain'!

Mark illustrated the Daily Telegraph racing diarist Marcus Armytage's book 'Turn Me On Guv: 'Tails' from the Racecourse' with humorous cartoons of equestrian scenes. The book is available from amazon.co.uk.

Mark gave support to various charities including the Tavistock Trust for Aphasia, Save the Children Trust with his cartoon ‘A goodwill to all judges’, and the Nottingham Oasis Breast Cancer Trust with his illustrations for the cook book 'Let's Get Saucy'.

In 2007 Mark’s wife, Judith, died and he virtually put away his brushes. In 2014 he retired to a studio in Menorca, next to the golf course.

Mark died March 2018 in Menorca, Spain.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this website dedicated to my father's work. Please contact me if you have any questions or queries.

Richard Huskinson